Saturday, October 12, 2013

Thanks...Its all about the peeps!

Our lives are a series of opportunities and meetings. We come across diverse and varying people as we traverse work, play, children, rest and holidays. I have always believed that every person comes into our lives for a reason. It might be to enrich it in some way, it may be to teach us something, it may be that they are there to ride along with us for a while, or for a long while, but each person enriches us somehow, perhaps in the short term, and hopefully in the long term.

Regardless, cherishing the people in our lives and being thankful for what they bring to us is important. Often we just go about life and forget how much the people around us make our lives better, support us, help us, lift us up, whether truly physically or mentally. These people make our lives what they are. Some of these people are “supposed” to, like parents and relatives. Some of these people have no obligation whatsoever. Yet give so much to us in terms of our overall being.

Of course acknowledging the people around us and what they give to us should be something we do on a daily basis, every time we see our friends, loved ones, relatives, special friends or acquaintances, but we are not always perfect about doing just that.

It’s interesting that this weekend, in Canada, we will gather around the dinner table and marvel at the turkey or ham or lamb leg or prime rib and all of a sudden remember what we are thankful for – maybe it is because we will gather with people we care about, maybe it is because sometimes an occasion just allows us to open up and be thankful for people and things in our life.

To me, things are of little relevance – they come and go, but people are amazing! I am so lucky to have so many fabulous people who are somehow involved in my life. Who teach me different things each day, who take me to places that I perhaps never thought I would go, to who pull at my heart, who challenge my brain and who quite honestly bring a smile to my face so often. Life is never perfect, things do not always go the way we want, but people help to make life great everyday. There are ups and downs and hollow times and happy times, those around us, whether they live down the street or half way around the world, keep us ticking and smiling and thinking about how lucky we are to enjoy the life we do.

So this weekend there will be great food, fabulous wine, grand company, but my mind will be with everyone, whether here or not who helps to make my life so terrific…thanks…. All of you!

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