Monday, February 3, 2014

Padella - Friendly smiles and Fabulous Food

We are blessed in Victoria - yes we have lots of restaurants and yes we have great choices when we want to eat out. More than anything else though, it is the people behind each of those establishments. In Victoria, often choices for a great restaurant are made by who runs the place and their personalities. So many of us know the graciousness and smile of Greg Hayes at Brio or Marc's consummate and accommodating welcome at Brasserie. How about Willis, Lee and Vince at Fiamo OR Kyle and Zoe at Padella!

I have been lucky to eat at Padella a few times in the last month or two, and every time I go, I am reminded about how great the food is, but more so what a great atmosphere has been established in the room. Vince does a terrific job of welcoming guests as they enter and getting them seated. Leave your wine guidance to Vince and you are sure to get some great  choices as you travel through your food for the evening. I have tried a few wines the last couple of times I have been there, that I will admit, I would not have chosen, yet they have knocked my socks off, including a white Pinot "noir".

Of course, then comes the piece de resistance: the food. The magic that Kyle and Zoe are weaving in the newly renovated kitchen at Padella is quite fantastic. Breads are made fresh, pastas are all made fresh and of course your every morsel is created fresh for you. I have simply said the last couple of times, let Kyle make what he would like, and have never been disappointed. The menu is rustic Italian with some creamy pasta choices to recent fresh ones with shellfish and tomato broth or gnocchi.

Kyle makes a point of getting around to tables to see how customers have enjoyed their meals,
a special touch that I think makes diners feel great about the food they have just eaten. A great food connect the dots kind of game.

The desserts including the Balsamic chocolate truffles are decadent and wonderful, as is the coffee to cap off the meal. Service is superb, food is fabulous and the experience is excellent. Padella is worth the trip into Estevan Village. You will be back! I was!

Gnocchi with wild mushrooms in a cream sauce a la Kyle!