Monday, January 3, 2011

Advice from Strangers!

Checking out wines at any liquor store is so much fun. I love zipping into the Fort and Foul Bay Liquor Store to see my favourite husband and wife wine advisors, or ducking into the Hillside Liquor Store to see the manager there - it is just oh so much fun. Of course, fortunately or unfortunately, it usually results in buying a few bottles, but, ah c'est la vie!

It is not very often that I will run into someone, who is happy to give their wine favourite(s) or  just listen to some of mine. Well was it not terrific that when I dropped by the Fort and Foul Bay store tonight, I ran into just that person. She was looking at a Roux Pere & Fils Pinot Noir ($19.99 Fort and Foul Bay Liquor Store) at the back of the store, so I asked whether she knew the wine. She then asked whether I liked Pinot Noirs! I had to stifle a smile - do I like Pinot Noirs? Is it going to snow tomorrow? HAHA!

She suggested it in the 2008 vintage with this one being the 2009 - so I had to take a bottle. Finding a really good old world Pinot Noir is not easy, and usually not cheap either! This one was reasonable and old world. And, as I sit here typing and sipping, it is an excellent Pinot Noir! Love it when that sort of thing happens.

Of course I made a suggestion to her as well. I suggested a unique wine, that I actually first had at Cactus Club downtown with a few friends, it is the Galil Mountain Merlot ($17.99 Fort and Foul Bay Liquor Store) from of all places, Israel. The group of us who were at the Cactus Club that day, did order a case, but in the end a third of the box was not good, not sure if that is the winemaker or the shipping from Israel. Hopefully, the merlot works out well for her!

Always feel free to leave your wine impressions of the wines I enjoy in the comment section, as I think the process of wine tasting is really a friendly and cooperative one. As well, if you have suggestions, please make them - how great is it to get free wine advice from fellow consumers! It made my night tonight!

Looking forward to enjoying some great new wines in the new year!

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