Saturday, May 21, 2011

Lost in Cyberspace?

Well Good Evening!
 I must apologize for virtually being lost in cyberspace. I am never fond of people who write blogs and then do not take the time to upkeep them. I have so many stories I want to and need to write about, I cannot even count them all. It has been a pretty tumultuous last couple of months! In the end, I have decided to leave the profession that I have been in for the last 20 years to pursue something new. I have always felt that life is full of possibilities to be created and we can do anything that we create for ourselves in this life we live. Over the last couple of years, i have found traits in myself that I did not know existed, or at least had been supressed and I have learned about who I am as an individual. i suppose that this blog was a part of that self-discovery, and the feeling that when you think something should happen, JUST DO IT!! NIKE had it right.
So I have spent the last couple of months figuring all of that out, and it has taken more energy than I had anticipated. I am ready to come back to the blog and tell you about my recent favourite wines, restaurants and foodie experiences. I have to apologize to my wine distributor friends, who left with me with some awesome wines and then probably thought, OK what happened? The thoughts about those spec wines are on their way, as are a myriad of other thoughts about the foodie world. Cannot wait to put a few posts up, look for them in the next little while!
Glad to be back, and so at peace with decisions that I have made to forge forward in life!!
Chat soon!

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