Thursday, December 16, 2010

What am I drinking Lately? - California

So I was in the Fort and Foul Bay Liquor Store a couple of weeks ago and ran into my favourite husband and wife wine experts. As usual, I asked for wine recommendations (he has never steered me wrong in the past!). He was very excited about a hot hot curry they had eaten the night previous and the wine that just seemed to work perfectly with it. Now those of you who have tried to match a spicy hot curry with a wine, will know that this is not an easy feat. I do it all the time, only because really - wine goes with anything, no? That being said he steered me to the Purple Cowboy - Tenacious Red ($19.99 Fort and Foul Bay) from California. With a name like that how can one not buy at least one bottle!!
He also suggested two others, a Louis M. Martini Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 ($19.99 Fort and Foul Bay) also out of California and Apothic - California Red 2008 ($16.99 Fort and Foul Bay).

So here is my take on it:

Purple Cowboy - Tenacious Red
This wine was a huge surprise. Some great fruit initially and then a smooth yet luxurious finish to it too. Some raspberries and cherries maybe even a blackberry or two. i have to say for a Californian wine under $20, this really is a yummy wine. I had it with a couple of buddies, some NY striploins, tonnes of french fries and some French brie. Let's just say the wine did not last long in the bottle - always a good sign. Lots of: " This is from where? This is how much?, This is really good!" I wholeheartedly recommend it - it is a yummy wine for your buck.

Apothic - California Red - I have to admit we had this wine on the same night with the same food - and..... with the exact same reaction! This wine is how much? And really it tastes this good? My recommendations from my friends at Fort and Foul Bay are still 100%. The Apothic is a little more complex, but still very fruit forward and has a finish to it, it does not just die in your mouth. The huge vanilla that I tasted certainly reminded me of the Yellow Tail, when I first tasted it, I am not taking that as a positive sign, but hey - you judge for yourself!
I am always impressed with some of these California winemakers who come up with these terrific blends that aliven your mouth. Whether they are trying to create something amazing or whether they are using up grape stock - they are having some good success! Definitely run out and grab a couple of bottles of these wines, you will not be disappointed!

I have not forgotten the Louis M Martini Cabernet Sauvignon - it is just still sitting in my wine rack, lonely and unopened. To be opened soon and of course I will let you know what I think. It was the most expensive of the three coming in still under $20 but only a cent under! It is well rated by those outside rating people (who by the way never seem to ever rate anything from BC!) - so I am eager to see what it tastes like. More soon!

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